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Some breeds have double coats; the undercoat is soft and short, where as the top coat in some breeds can be made up of a coarse longer hair. Border Terriers, for example. This coarse longer hair is what falls out and covers your carpet and furniture! For these breeds, stripping dog hair by hand is the best way to look after them.

The longer hairs, when they fall out, are replaced quite quickly by new growth and so retain the correct colour and markings of the dog’s coat. The best and correct care for dogs with this type of coat is also referred to as ‘dog stripping’. For terriers (or as some people spell it, terriors) hand stripping brings out the best in their coat. Similarly with Westies, hand stripping gives you the best results and will make your doggie stand out from the crowd.


As the name suggests, this practice involves stripping by hand. In the most simplistic terms, it involves pulling the dead fur out of the coat, and so promoting the growth of new fur. This does not discomfort the dog in any way, as it is already dead...the fur that is! This practice will also thin out the coat and improve the overall appearance of the fur quite considerably.

Prices from £30

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