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You leave your dog with me for about 2 hours.  I will discuss with you exactly how you would like your dog cut i.e. maybe in the winter a thicker body coat left but the underbelly and legs shorter for muddy walks! Any problem areas efficiently sorted.

Clipped or hand stripped (whichever is appropriate for the coat) or just trimmed or brushed. Your dog is then bathed using a sensitive shampoo, fluff dried with a dryer and by hand, nails are cut and then a final trim and check over before being collected by their delighted owner!


The full groom is recommended 6-8 weekly as a guideline.

You know how good you feel when you shower and wash your hair, well the dogs feel it too………revitalised! This is especially so when they are moulting as it will help them shed their old coat. Also, our professional grooming far exceeds the odd wash with the garden hosepipe or a dip in the river.

Prices from £25

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